Clare Haack - Scottish country dancing started early in my childhood alongside highland. It was not however, until years later, when I moved to Sydney, that I discovered the worldwide influence of the RSCDS and my dancing zeal was reignited.

Having enjoyed many years as a dancer attending numerous Winter/Summer Schools across Australia and New Zealand, as well as day schools, workshops and clinics that I completed my full teaching certificate in 2022. I have taught at Sydney Branch workshops and events, at various Sydney classes and weekly at my local club.

When not wearing my dance shoes I am an early childhood teacher and crime novel enthusiast.

Andrina Brennan’s life has been intertwined with Scottish culture. Her mother was born in Scotland and she encouraged Andrina to take up highland dancing from an early age at the Dorothy Kerr School of Highland Dancing. For 20 years, Andrina enjoyed perfecting highland dancing and she gained her Teaching Certificate in Highland Dancing in 1983. During this time, Andrina competed in highland dancing championships and was part of several demonstration teams that performed at numerous prestigious events including Scottish balls, Tattoos, events overseas and, on several occasions, in the National Folkloric Festival at the Sydney Opera House.


Andrina’s transition to Scottish Country Dancing in 2005 demonstrates her deep connection with her heritage and her versatility in exploring different aspects of Scottish culture. Despite a hiatus, her return to Scottish Country Dancing at the Epping SCD Club underscores her enduring passion for dance and her dedication to sharing all she has learnt with others.


Obtaining her full Teaching Certificate in Scottish Country Dancing in 2022, was a significant milestone in Andrina’s journey as a teacher, allowing her to impart her knowledge and expertise to others. Her involvement in teaching at the Epping SCD Club and, on occasion at the Killara SCD Club, and various workshops, reflects her dedication to nurturing other dancers.


Outside of her dance pursuits, Andrina’s interests in travel, particularly to the Australian outback and African safaris, reveals her adventurous spirit and love of exploration. Overall, Andrina’s life is a testament to the richness of her Scottish heritage and the joy of sharing it with others through dance.