Keen for some fun?

We will provide programs and cribs for socials from many of our affiliated clubs and societies on this page.  

Ensure you check back regularly so you can put these events in your diary.


 21 September 

 Waverley Social  Program &    Cribs

 21 September 

 Branch Class for   Intermediate, Higher   Intermediate and Advanced   Dancers

 Enrolment   Form
 23 September 

 Stonnington Monday Morning Social Program

 28 September

 Monaro Caledonian Tartan   Ball

12 October 

 Deepdene October Social  Program &    Cribs

15 October 
 Berwick Social  Program &    Cribs 

 19 October 

 Ringwood Barn Dance

 2 November 

 Branch Twilight Social Program

 31 Jan - 2 Feb
 Southern Fling 
 Youth Country Dancing   Weekend

 28 March 2020 Ballarat Minerva Social Flyer