Keen for some fun?

We will provide programs and cribs for socials from many of our affiliated clubs and societies on this page.  

Ensure you check back regularly so you can put these events in your diary.


 20 -21 July

 Adelaide Ball & Music   Weekend

 19 - 21 July

 RSCDS WA Weekend   Workshop Brochure
 23 July

 Box Hill Supper Night Program
 27 July 

 Box Hill “Scottish Dancing       Around the World” Social

 Program &   Cribs
 28 July 

 North Essendon Social  Program

 3 August

 Ringwood Winter Social Program &   Cribs

 10 August

 Deepened Monthly Social Program &   Cribs

 16 - 18 August Tasmanian Winter Ball   Weekend Flyer 
 Ball Cribs

 20 August        

 Berwick Social Program &   Cribs

 24 August  Scotscraig’s Social for Mary’s 70th Birthday 

 Program &  Cribs 
  31 Jan - 2 Feb
 Southern Fling 
 Youth Country Dancing   Weekend